“Woman for President” is written and managed by Jenn Tramm, a senior journalism student at the University of Arizona, located in Tucson, Ariz. Some of her writing may contain opinion. She’ll try to let you know when her personal biases have colored her writing. If she misses something, she welcomes nicely-worded comments when you’ve found something that’s opinion that needs to be labeled so.

The purpose of the blog is to open discussion on what having a female president of the United States would really be like. Planned topics include common myths that give “reasons” as to why a president can’t be a woman,  profiles of successful female leaders, public opinion polls (and why you have to take them with a grain of salt) on the subject and profiles of female 2008 presidential candidates.

If there’s a topic on the subject you’d like the blog to explore, please send an e-mail to womanforpresidentblog@inbox.com and due consideration will be given to serious ideas.

Thanks for reading this blog and have patience. The blog likely will be updated every week, but never fear if a few extra days go by. New posts will come!


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