Woman for President

Dear Reader,

The concept of a female leader of state is not new. Women have led, albeit sporadically, throughout history. The United States of America, however, has never seriously considered a female president before now. We have recently seen our first female Speaker of the House of Representatives. That’s great. We haven’t seen a female vice president. Not great.

There are people in the USA who actually believe a woman cannot do the job of president of the country, though they have seen successful female leadership of  corporations, churches, schools, states, small businesses, city councils, prestigious universities and much more. Why not a female president of the United States of America?

I intend to seek answers to that question, along with many others relating to this topic. I encourage participation in this discussion through the comments section. Please don’t use profanity or attack me or anyone else personally through these comments. Those kinds of messages do not encourage honest, intelligent debate of this very serious and timely issue. In fact, they distract everyone from the true purpose of this blog: to get people thinking about what a woman president would be like. Any personal attacks or gratuitous usage of profanity will be deleted.

Thanks for reading the first post.

~Jenn Tramm